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The courageous women of the Mississippi State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Inc., and Youth Affiliates (MSFCWC) planted their taproots in deep and fertile soil when they organized the historical Federation of Colored Women's Clubs in 1903. Following the organization of the National Association of Colored Women's Clubs (NACWC) in 1896, many states, including Mississippi, joined forces as a means to combat the opposition of the political and economic discrimination that was rising and manifesting against Blacks in our society. 



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  • Happy New Year from MSFCWC. 

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  • The Spring Board Meeting was held via teleconference on Saturday, March 20, 2021, at 10:00 AM. Our clubs have done great things and are continuing to do great things.

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Welcome to the President's Corner
Mrs. Carol J. Cooper
34th President of MSFCWC

As President of the Mississippi State Federation of Colored Women's Clubs, Inc., and Youth Affiliates, it is my esteemed pleasure to welcome you to our updated website.


Greetings Federated Ladies:

The year 2020 marked the beginning of a new decade with hopes and promises for an enjoyable and wondrous year. Yet, little did we know that our country would encounter a deadly coronavirus pandemic, numerous killings of unarmed Black males, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, massive flooding, wildfires raging across our country, and a highly controversial presidential election. Despite all these travesties, we have survived and prevailed by utilizing the Fruit of the Spirit. For, we know that God is Almighty, He is Powerful and He is in Control.

Moreover, our illustrious organization is indebted to a group of stalwart and courageous women of the early 1900s. Yet, we are leaders and visionaries who believe in education, helping the needy, caring for the family, caring for mankind, and in improving the lives of others. 

Thus, now more than ever during these uncertain times, we will continue to implement our motto “Lifting As We Climb” by continuing to aid and assist the elderly, the homeless, and the destitute by donating personal care items, Covid supplies, and monetary donations to homeless shelters, to charities, to nursing homes, and to food pantries.  

In addition, we will instill in our youth the importance of academic success, the urgency to be leaders; not followers, and the notion that strong people don’t put people down, they lift them up. For, if they help the life of one person, they are helping a community.

A person’s most useful asset is not the head full of knowledge, but a heart full 

of love, an ear ready to listen, and a hand willing to serve and help others.

Sisterly Blessings,

Carol J. Cooper