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Club Prayer

Eternal Father, in whom we live, move, and have our being, we give thanks for the opportunity of meeting again. Reverently we command our lives to Thee and pray Thy guidance in all of our affairs.

Give our leaders clear thoughts of duty, courage, and above all, Christ-like attitudes and help us to be kind. We thank Thee for the Godly women who across the years have lived valiantly and heroically, and whose lives now challenge us.

we are grateful for the noble task of lifting and climbing. Use our varied gifts and talents for Thy glory and for the good of all mankind. Help us to build a better world.


Paraphrased from Eliza C. McCabe's Club Women's Prayer


On my honor, I pledge:

     to do unto others as I would have them do unto me;

     to face life squarely;

     to have a definite plan and purpose in life;

     to strive to seek the highest ideals for my soul and               live up to them;

     to always be dependable; 

     to learn the secret of team work;

     to have faith in God, faith in others and faith in         


     to cultivate thrift, honesty, truthfulness and reliance;

     to realize that persistent good will break down


     to be honest to myself and true to my country;

     to be ready to "Lift as I climb."

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